11 Companies the Enemies of President Trump


United States President Donald Trump takes questions from the media | Don Emmert/Getty Images

11 Companies the Enemies of President Trump

President Donald Trump’s immigration ban wasِ controversial fromِ the start.
The travel ban wasِ scorned byِ swaths ofِ the American population, including a number ofِ legislators, judges, andِ other government officials.
A number ofِ high-profile people haveِ spoken outِ againstِ the ban, including theِ CEOs ofِ some ofِ the largest companies onِ American soil.

1. Amazon

Amazon might’ve notِ beenِ one ofِ the firstِ companies toِ join theِ lawsuit, butِ it wasِ quick toِ follow.
andِ around theِ world whoِ mayِ beِ directly affected byِ this order, I wantِ you toِ knowِ that theِ full extent ofِ Amazon’s resources areِ behind you,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote inِ a note toِ employees.
“We’re a nation ofِ immigrants whoseِ diverse backgrounds, ideas, andِ points ofِ view haveِ helped usِ build andِ invent asِ a nation forِ over 240 years … It’s a distinctive competitive advantage forِ our country — oneِ we shouldِ notِ weaken.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos | David Ryder/Getty Images

2. Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook told theِ Wall Street Journal thatِ hundreds ofِ the company’s employees areِ affected byِ the immigration order.
“More thanِ anyِ country inِ the world, thisِ country isِ strong becauseِ of ourِ immigrant background andِ our capacity andِ ability asِ people toِ welcome people fromِ allِ kinds ofِ backgrounds.
“We oughtِ to pause andِ really thinkِ deeply throughِ that.” Cook’s comments built onِ a previous memo heِ hadِ sent toِ Apple staffers, affirming theِ company isِ againstِ the ban.

3. Uber

Uber originally issued a statement againstِ the ban thatِ manyِ people felt wasِ fairlyِ weak.
As a result, #DeleteUber began trending onِ social media, andِ scores ofِ people deleted theِ ride-sharing app fromِ their devices inِ protest.
Since then, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick hasِ taken muchِ stronger measures, including setting upِ a $3 million defense fund toِ helpِ affected Uber drivers withِ legal proceedings.

4. Google

Apple CEO Tim Cook displays his personal Apple Watch to customers at an Apple Store | Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Google wasِ oneِ ofِ the manyِ technological giants toِ join theِ legal briefِ in protest againstِ the immigration ban.
In addition, theِ company andِ individual employees areِ donating funds — expected toِ reach $4 million — thatِ will goِ toward organizations helping thoseِ affected byِ the ban, including theِ American Civil Liberties Union andِ the United Nations’s refugee agency.
“We’re concerned aboutِ the impact ofِ this order andِ any proposals thatِ couldِ impose restrictions onِ Googlers andِ their families, orِ that couldِ create barriers toِ bringing great talent toِ theِ U.S.,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai saidِ inِ a statement.

5. Starbucks

“We areِ living inِ anِ unprecedented time,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wrote inِ a memo toِ employees soonِ afterِ the ban wasِ enacted.
In thatِ sameِ memo, Schultz vowed toِ hire 10,000 refugees atِ its locations inِ 75 countries aroundِ the world.
Similar toِ otherِ large companies, Starbucks hasِ alsoِ extended free legal advice toِ anyِ employees affected byِ the ban.

6. Twitter

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick | Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Trump alone hasِ ensured thatِ Twitter willِ beِ aroundِ andِ relevant forِ the nextِ several years, butِ that hasn’t stopped theِ company fromِ denouncing theِ President’s recentِ legal actions.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey madeِ a statement — youِ guessed it, throughِ a tweet — thatِ called theِ ban “real andِ upsetting.”

7. Tesla

Tesla andِ SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, whoِ isِ on Trump’s advisory council, hasِ defended hisِ decision toِ stay onِ it, sayingِ he’s “doing good” byِ beingِ anِ opposing voice inِ the room.
However, thatِ hasn’t stopped theِ businessman fromِ beingِ outspoken againstِ the ban.
Tesla joined theِ list ofِ companies inِ the legal briefِ formally opposing theِ ban, andِ Musk tookِ toِ Twitter himselfِ to sayِ a ban wasِ notِ the bestِ way toِ address challenges inِ the U.S.

8. 21st Century Fox

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google | Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

Apparently, youِ don’t haveِ to beِ a tech company toِ find fault withِ theِ immigration order.
Despite FOX havingِ a love-hate affair withِ The Donald, company leaders Lachlan andِ James Murdoch penned a company memo speaking outِ againstِ the ban.
“… As a company thatِ isِ driven byِ creativity andِ innovation, weِ recognize theِ unique perspective offered byِ our manyِ people whoِ cameِ to theِ U.S.

9. Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote a statement onِ hisِ page notِ long afterِ the executive order wasِ signed toِ comeِ out againstِ the exclusion theِ order brought.
His family isِ made upِ ofِ immigrants, andِ his wife, Priscilla, hasِ parents whoِ wereِ onceِ refugees fromِ China andِ Vietnam.
“We areِ a nation ofِ immigrants, andِ we allِ benefit whenِ theِ bestِ andِ brightest fromِ aroundِ the world canِ live, work andِ contribute here,” heِ wrote.

10. Microsoft

Microsoft isِ one ofِ the companies offering direct support toِ theِ legal proceedings againstِ the ban thatِ were filed inِ its home state ofِ Washington.
As isِ the case withِ mostِ companies onِ this list, Microsoft hasِ alreadyِ dedicated legal advice andِ counsel forِ those staff members.
Top executives haveِ alsoِ weighed in, including CEO Satya Nadella.

11. Salesforce

Several executives atِ the cloud computing company haveِ beenِ outspoken againstِ the travel ban.
CEO Marc Benioff tookِ toِ Twitter severalِ times soonِ afterِ the ban wasِ announced, denouncing theِ move.
The moreِ pointed statement againstِ the ban, however, cameِ from executive Vala Afshar, whoِ tweeted outِ a list ofِ several U.S.