10 Things the Boss Wishes You Never Knew


“The boss” and eternal face of management, Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation | Source: NBC

10 Things the Boss Wishes You Never Knew

If you’re a part ofِ the rank-and-file, itِ canِ beِ hard toِ getِ inside theِ head ofِ management orِ your company’s leadership team.
They seemingly makeِ decisions merelyِ to anger orِ stir upِ theِ lower-level employees, andِ the boss canِ beِ amazingly inept orِ unable toِ respond toِ employees’ concerns.
They canِ devise andِ deploy stupid rules withِ littleِ logic orِ reasoning, andِ some evenِ seem likeِ they’re outِ to getِ you ifِ you rub themِ theِ rightِ way.

1. “I have a boss, too.”

You haveِ a boss, andِ your boss hasِ a boss.
That means thatِ the sameِ issues orِ negative feelings you’re harboring towardِ your boss.
Everyone’s a part ofِ the chain, whenِ itِ comesِ down toِ it.

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2. Honesty goes a long way

If youِ canِ get somethingِ done, great.
If not, don’t pretend thatِ you canِ — justِ tell yourِ boss soِ they canِ figure outِ anِ alternative.
Don’t blindside themِ atِ the lastِ minute byِ coming upِ short.

3. Scheduling is very difficult

In certainِ businesses andِ workplaces, scheduling employees isِ a nightmare.
If you’ve worked inِ a restaurant, forِ example, youِ haveِ anِ idea ofِ the juggling act thatِ building a schedule canِ be.
Many employees haveِ school, families, orِ other jobs theyِ needِ to attend to, andِ asking forِ a day offِ atِ the lastِ minute isn’t asِ easy asِ slotting inِ anotherِ name.

4. 9:00 does not mean 9:10

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Some jobs allowِ for someِ leeway inِ when youِ comeِ andِ go toِ work.
If yourِ boss needsِ you atِ work onِ time, thatِ means youِ needِ to beِ there onِ time — notِ 10 orِ 15 minutes late.
You mayِ send theِ message thatِ you’re notِ coming inِ atِ all, andِ send theِ rest ofِ the staff scrambling toِ cover yourِ station.

5. If you’re quitting, let them know

People quit jobs allِ the time.
But there’s a reason theِ “two week” rule exists — itِ allows bothِ parties, theِ quitter andِ and theِ employer, toِ haveِ some time toِ cover theirِ bases.
Yes, companies lay people offِ with littleِ or noِ warning allِ the time, butِ if youِ haveِ a good relationship withِ your employer, orِ don’t wantِ toِ burn anyِ bridges onِ the wayِ out, give a heads upِ soِ they canِ replace you.

6. They don’t want to be there on Saturday or Thanksgiving either

A woman writes on a schedule planner | Source: iStock

But theِ world doesn’t stop justِ becauseِ it’s yourِ favorite holiday, orِ becauseِ it’s Sunday.
Somebody hasِ to work, andِ somebody hasِ to takeِ the reins.
If you’re complaining aboutِ having toِ work Black Friday, yourِ complaints areِ probably falling uponِ deaf ears; yourِ boss isِ probably justِ asِ stoked toِ beِ there asِ you are.

7. The boss isn’t out to get you

Management doesn’t wantِ you toِ fail.
They’re notِ typically setting traps orِ land mines forِ you toِ walk into, toِ give themِ a reason toِ dock yourِ pay orِ write youِ up.
Sure, someِ employee-employer relationships canِ fray, butِ it’s rare thatِ someoneِ inِ charge isِ gunning forِ you.

8. They’re your boss, not your friend

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Ever hear aboutِ awful parents whoِ tryِ tooِ hard toِ beِ “cool,” andِ let theirِ kids run amok.
Your boss isِ there toِ manage you, notِ beِ your bud.
While youِ mayِ haveِ a good relationship withِ your manager — whichِ isِ great — youِ don’t needِ to tellِ them howِ trashed youِ gotِ last night or invite themِ to smoke a joint withِ you duringِ a break.

9. Management knows you’re screwing around all day

Do youِ reallyِ think nobodyِ realizes thatِ you spend halfِ of yourِ day surfing Facebook, Snapchat, andِ Reddit.
They knowِ — soِ you don’t haveِ to scramble toِ cover yourِ tracks everyِ time you’re onِ your phone andِ somebody walks upِ behindِ you.
Of course, ifِ you’re onِ the sales floor orِ inِ a customer service position, thenِ this canِ beِ a real problem.

10. Saying “I don’t know” is OK

Sometimes, you’re notِ goingِ to knowِ the answers.
Ask forِ a run-through.
them, andِ give themِ bad information.