10 States That Might Take Away Your Dogs Soon


Many cities have dog breed bans. | mbot/iStock/Getty Images

10 States That Might Take Away Your Dog Soon

They sayِ dogs areِ man’s bestِ friend.
But theyِ didn’t sayِ which breeds makeِ that friendship easier orِ moreِ difficult.
Some breeds areِ easy toِ train whileِ someِ makeِ itِ a challenge.

10. Kentucky

There areِ 11 cities orِ counties inِ Kentucky thatِ haveِ outright pit bull bans.
A number ofِ others label pit bulls asِ vicious orِ dangerous, butِ only a handful pay anyِ mind toِ Rottweilers, bullmastiffs, andِ other dog breeds.

Siberian huskies face bans. | Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

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9. Louisiana

Pit bulls areِ enemy No.
1 inِ Louisiana, whereِ sixِ cities haveِ outright bans onِ the breed.
A number ofِ cities haveِ officially labeled theِ breed asِ dangerous, whileِ othersِ haveِ severe restrictions.

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8. Michigan

Harper Woods, Michigan, bans several breeds, including German shepherds. | keleny/iStock/Getty Images

Once again, pit bulls areِ the target ofِ mostِ bans orِ restrictions inِ Michigan.
And inِ the town ofِ Harper Woods, a northern suburb ofِ Detroit, theyِ throw a cautious glance atِ several dog breeds.
Section 4-28 ofِ the municipal code states: “While notِ breed specific, theِ followingِ breeds ofِ dogs shallِ beِ considered suspect asِ vicious andِ potentially dangerous: Akita, Alaskan malamute, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, boxer, bullmastiff, chow chow, dalmatian, doberman pinscher, English bull terrier, German shepherd, great Dane, presa canario, Rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, Siberian husky, wolf hybrid and/or anyِ mixed breed ofِ the above.” The list actuallyِ seems pretty breed specific toِ us.

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7. Arkansas

If youِ live inِ anِ Arkansas city withِ anyِ sort ofِ breed legislation onِ the books, chances areِ it’s a full ban.
There areِ 30 cities inِ Arkansas thatِ haveِ breed bans.
Most ofِ the bans pertain toِ pit bulls, butِ there areِ several thatِ outlaw American bulldogs, too.

Some cities ban American bulldogs. | Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

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6. Mississippi

Legislation againstِ dog breeds inِ Mississippi sees pit bulls asِ the object ofِ scorn, withِ a fewِ cities whereِ Rottweilers areِ viewed withِ suspicion.
Meanwhile, Kosciusko andِ Philadelphia throw shade onِ Shar-Peis, a breed characterized byِ Dog Time asِ a good family pet.

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Shar-Peis are targeted. | Chloe Victoria Photography/iStock/Getty Images

5. Wisconsin

Thirty-ones inِ Wisconsin haveِ full bans onِ pit bulls.
Interestingly, theِ town ofِ Abbotsford inِ the middle ofِ the state restricts pit bulls andِ a fewِ other breeds, butِ it onlyِ bans wolf hybrids.

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4. Missouri

Inching closer toِ theِ top ofِ the list sees usِ visiting a state that’s notِ taking anyِ chances.
Missouri hasِ 58 cities whereِ outright dog breed bans areِ on theِ books.
The city bans sixِ breeds: pit bulls, Chinese fighting dogs, chow chows, Doberman pinschers andِ Rottweilers.

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3. Ohio

A littleِ more thanِ a quarter ofِ the cities inِ Ohio withِ dog breed legislation haveِ full bans, withِ 24 cities making breeds (mostly pit bulls) illegal.
And 55 cities haveِ officially labeled pit bulls asِ vicious.
One ofِ those cities, Oregon, restricts households toِ justِ one pit bull.

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2. Kansas

Kansas hasِ the sameِ number ofِ cities withِ breed legislation asِ Ohio, butِ it grabs theِ No. 2 spot thanksِ to havingِ more thanِ three times asِ many spots withِ full bans. The bans mostlyِ target pit bulls, withِ someِ alsoِ including Rottweilers, chow chows, Doberman pinschers, andِ other breeds.

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1. Iowa

If you’re thinking ofِ moving toِ Iowa andِ you ownِ a pit bull, it’s goingِ to beِ tough finding a place toِ live. Fairfield makesِ owning severalِ breeds illegal. Section 6.14.070 ofِ the city code makesِ itِ illegal toِ ownِ pit bulls, German shepherds, Rottweilers, andِ a number ofِ other dogs, asِ well asِ anyِ dog whoِ weighs overِ 100 pounds.