10 Simple Fixes to Improve Your Lovely Home


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10 Simple Fixes to Improve Your Lovely Home

There areِ some thingsِ thatِ add valueِ toِ a home thatِ property owners can’t control.
Though homeowners can’t alwaysِ determine what’s goingِ on inِ the neighborhood, thereِ areِ dozens ofِ easy andِ affordable fixes thatِ canِ add valueِ toِ a home.
This Old House hasِ literally 100 easy DIY fixes toِ spruce upِ your house.

1. Change light switches and outlets

Standard white light switches thatِ control oneِ light cost justِ 58 cents eachِ from theِ big home improvement stores, andِ 10 cover plates cost aboutِ $4.
Meanwhile, a 10-pack ofِ standard white outlets costs $5, andِ a 10-pack ofِ cover plates isِ $2.
Changing 10 switches andِ 10 outlets willِ set youِ backِ less thanِ $20 forِ the supplies, andِ when you’re doneِ you willِ haveِ a wholeِ newِ lookِ to enjoy.

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2. Swap out doorknobs

Getting rid ofِ a dated-looking doorknob isِ anِ easy update insideِ the home.
A standard interior doorknob set sells forِ asِ low asِ $11 atِ Lowe’s.
If youِ wanted toِ spice thingsِ up withِ antique-looking glass knobs, Anthropologie sells someِ forِ aboutِ $35.

3. Add new house numbers

Make sureِ the delivery man doesn’t missِ your house byِ installing newِ exterior numbers.
Individual metal numbers thatِ screw ontoِ the house start atِ aboutِ $5 atِ Home Depot.
Ceramic tiles offer a moreِ decorative andِ distinctive lookِ andِ sell forِ aboutِ $10 eachِ atِ Amazon.

4. New bathroom sink faucet

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Swapping outِ anِ old faucet inِ the bathroom isِ a fairlyِ easy fix thatِ canِ add a newِ element ofِ beauty andِ style.
New faucet kits forِ center-set sinks canِ beِ purchased forِ aboutِ $15, andِ both Lowe’s andِ Home Depot sell moreِ elegant chrome-plated faucets forِ asِ little asِ $25.
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5. Erect a new mailbox

Putting upِ a newِ mailbox isِ a fix thatِ takes justِ a fewِ minutes butِ can offer anِ eye-catching look.
Mailboxes thatِ canِ mount toِ doors orِ exterior walls start atِ asِ little asِ $13 atِ Lowe’s.
If youِ wantِ a larger mailbox thatِ isِ closer toِ theِ curb, post-mount mailboxes areِ as littleِ asِ $19 atِ Home Depot, andِ a ground post thatِ requires noِ concrete toِ install itِ sells forِ $30.

6. New lighting fixtures

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Changing light fixtures isِ anِ easy andِ inexpensive wayِ toِ upgrade theِ lookِ of anyِ room inِ the house.
An economical dining room chandelier atِ Home Depot goesِ forِ aboutِ $65, whileِ elegant wall-mount lighting fixtures cost aboutِ $28 each.
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7. Landscaping

Planting flowers andِ bushes isِ anِ easy andِ cost-effective wayِ toِ add someِ pizazz toِ your property.
Ready-to-plant flowers cost asِ little asِ $6, whileِ sizable evergreen shrubs, whichِ canِ grow upِ toِ 30 feet tall, cost a littleِ lessِ than $30 eachِ Home Depot.
Get a couple ofِ eachِ to add someِ beauty toِ your property.

8. Painting an exterior door

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Giving theِ front door a newِ coat ofِ paint canِ liven upِ theِ lookِ andِ increase theِ curb appeal ofِ your home.
Exterior paint costs a bit moreِ than interior paint ($38 forِ a gallon ofِ Behr Premium Plus atِ Home Depot), butِ it’s stillِ a quick fix thatِ canِ make youِ love yourِ home moreِ eachِ time youِ walk throughِ theِ door.
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9. Install shelving

Ready-to-hang floating shelves canِ lend a modern touch.
Going theِ DIY route isِ much cheaper.
Four brackets, 8 feet ofِ laminate shelving andِ the hardware toِ hang itِ allِ will set youِ backِ aboutِ $50 atِ Lowe’s.

10. Interior painting

A newِ coat ofِ paint isِ a simple fix thatِ canِ truly makeِ the oldِ andِ dated lookِ new andِ vibrant.
Interior eggshell paint withِ primer costs $31 a gallon, andِ a set ofِ rollers andِ brushes areِ half thatِ much.
Even ifِ you needِ two gallons toِ finish theِ project, you’ll stillِ comeِ in wellِ underِ $100 forِ the newِ look.