10 New Automobiles That Drive Themselves

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Tesla Model S P100D | Tesla

10 New Automobiles That Drive Themselves

Today, a majority ofِ Americans areِ afraid ofِ autonomous cars.
That loss ofِ control isِ genuinely worrying toِ mostِ people — andِ with good cause.
Before weِ goِ anyِ further, here’s a quick primer onِ autonomous cars: They’re classified byِ levels, zeroِ throughِ 5.

1. Tesla Model S

After pioneering EV technology, Tesla isِ the industry leader inِ autonomous tech.
Introduced inِ 2014, Tesla’s autopilot isِ constantly beingِ updated andِ uses cameras, radar, andِ acoustic sensors toِ cover 360 degrees aroundِ the car.
Although thisِ isِ the mostِ advanced system onِ the market, theِ company warns thatِ drivers shouldn’t completely turn driving duties overِ to theirِ cars yet.

2. Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S 500 | Mercedes-Benz

Tesla’s autopilot getsِ a lot ofِ press, butِ Mercedes-Benz isn’t farِ behind.
With itsِ Intelligence Drive system, theِ Mercedes S-Class canِ use itsِ adaptive cruise control, lane keepِ assist, andِ hands-free steering toِ drive itselfِ forِ up toِ 12 seconds atِ a time.
After that, theِ car sternly reminds theِ driver toِ put theirِ hands backِ on theِ wheel withِ a red warning light andِ reminder tone.

3. BMW 7-Series

BMW 7 Series | BMW

Not toِ beِ outdone byِ its chief rival, BMW hasِ upped theِ ante onِ autonomous features insideِ andِ out.
With theِ latest 7 Series, buyers canِ opt forِ the Active Driving Assistant Plus packages, whichِ utilize anِ array ofِ sensors forِ the car toِ practically drive itself, providedِ the driver hasِ atِ least oneِ hand onِ the wheel.
Inside theِ 7 Series, a number ofِ functions areِ controlled byِ BMW’s Gesture Control, meaning theِ days ofِ you havingِ to control theِ radio orِ climate control system withِ a button areِ over.

4. Audi A8

2018 Audi A8 | Audi

Audi’s slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” translates toِ “Truth inِ Engineering.” With a tagline likeِ that, it’s noِ surprise theِ German brand isِ a leader inِ self-driving technology.
For 2018, itsِ A8 flagship promises toِ beِ a near-autonomous powerhouse.
Using a combination ofِ LIDAR (think radar, withِ lasers), anِ array ofِ cameras, andِ other sensors, Audi claims theِ A8 willِ beِ the world’s firstِ Level 3 autonomous car, withِ theِ ability toِ drive itselfِ atِ speeds upِ toِ 60 kilometers anِ hour.

5. Volvo S90

2017 Volvo S90 | James Derek Sapienza/The Cheat Sheet

With theِ automotive world evolving atِ breakneck pace, Volvo isِ quickly positioning itselfِ to beِ atِ the forefront.
Whether thatِ means betting big onِ electric power or self-driving cars, theِ Swedish-Chinese brand isِ quickly moving intoِ a leadership role.
This year, Volvo launched theِ Drive Me program inِ its hometown ofِ Gothenburg, Sweden.

6. Genesis G80

By spinning theِ Genesis offِ intoِ its ownِ Lexus-like luxury brand, Hyundai isِ proving toِ theِ world it’s seriousِ aboutِ luxury.
As a result, theِ Genesis G80 isِ a true luxury flagship, andِ that means theِ latest driver aids areِ available.
With emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, andِ a suite ofِ safety sensors, theِ Genesis doesِ just aboutِ everything itِ canِ to stay onِ the road, lightening theِ load forِ the driver.

7. Cadillac CT6

In itsِ return toِ theِ world-class luxury stage, Cadillac’s CT6 isِ anِ impressive car.
On top ofِ one ofِ the sharpest night vision systems onِ the market, theِ CT6 offers lane keepِ assist, adaptive cruise control, andِ anِ array ofِ safety sensors.
Come 2018, Cadillac willِ offer “Super Cruise,” a hands-free cruise control thatِ controls steering, power, andِ braking atِ highway speeds.

8. Lexus LS

Toyota isn’t afraid ofِ making big changes, andِ nowhere isِ that moreِ apparent thanِ inِ the flagship Lexus LS sedan.
New forِ 2018, theِ LS willِ feature a number ofِ semi-autonomous features thatِ will makeِ driving thatِ muchِ easier.
With Driver Emergency Stop Assist, theِ car willِ beِ able toِ stay inِ a lane andِ steer throughِ curves orِ aroundِ objects.

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9. Infiniti Q50S

Nissan’s luxury brand doesn’t comeِ up oftenِ when weِ talk aboutِ autonomous cars, butِ it probablyِ should. On top ofِ the Q50 beingِ a legitimate premium sport sedan, itِ comesِ loaded withِ anِ array ofِ sensors thatِ work toِ keepِ itsِ passengers safe. Intelligent Cruise Control, automatic braking, andِ lane control augment a number ofِ warning systems thatِ minimize driver error asِ much asِ possible.

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10. Tesla Model 3

Until now, Tesla’s autopilot wasِ anِ expensive add-on forِ the Model S andِ X. Despite itsِ relatively lowِ entry price, theِ Model 3 willِ comeِ standard withِ autopilot. Not onlyِ couldِ this EV transform theِ way weِ drive, itsِ semi-autonomous software mightِ transform theِ way weِ don’t drive, too., 7 ] .