10 Must Have Accessories This Winter


Have a little bit of fun with your accessories. | GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

10 Must Have Accessories This Winter

Say goodbye toِ struggling toِ find a stylish winter outfit.
With theseِ 10 accessories, youِ canِ elevate yourِ lookِ fromِ bulky andِ bland toِ a sartorial dream.
Check outِ these 10 winter accessories toِ seeِ why youِ needِ to goِ shopping beforeِ the weather getsِ warmer.

1. Pom-pom keyring

Winter isِ allِ aboutِ enhancing yourِ outfit withِ furry details, andِ one ofِ our favorite ways toِ up yourِ winter style isِ to wear a fur pom-pom onِ your handbag.
These cute accessories doِ anِ excellent job ofِ adding a pop ofِ color toِ anِ otherwise dark outfit.
They canِ alsoِ draw attention toِ your purse’s designer label ifِ you’re wearing somethingِ luxurious.

Giulia Capresi shows how to rock a clutch during winter. | Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

2. Fur scarf

The colder months alwaysِ call forِ bundling upِ with thick scarves, butِ have youِ beenِ experimenting withِ theِ types youِ wear.
Break awayِ from standard knit andِ wool materials forِ something a littleِ more exciting.
Fur (regardless ofِ whether it’s real orِ fake) adds a touch ofِ glamour toِ anyِ winter outfit, especiallyِ when it’s colorfully patterned.

3. Bauble beanie

Stylish bauble beanies areِ not onlyِ functional, asِ they protect yourِ ears andِ forehead, they’re alsoِ one ofِ the bestِ accessories forِ enhancing yourِ winter look.
If you’re worried aboutِ looking childish withِ a pom-pom onِ your head, don’t worry, justِ find oneِ that’s entirelyِ black.
We guarantee you’ll lookِ New York City chic andِ find yourselfِ withِ a bit ofِ pep inِ your step.

4. A hint of silk

You mightِ assume silk isِ reserved exclusively forِ spring andِ summer, butِ there areِ actuallyِ some clever ways toِ incorporate thisِ gorgeous fabric intoِ your winter outfits.
We love theِ lookِ of a silk scarf wrapped aroundِ a turtleneck, soِ you’ll stillِ beِ plenty warm andِ have a stunning spot ofِ luxury showing betweenِ your coat collar.

5. Pop of color

It’s allِ too easy toِ alwaysِ turn toِ black andِ grey duringِ winter, butِ you reallyِ shouldn’t beِ afraid toِ step outِ inِ a brightly colored outfit fromِ December thoughِ March.
Stand outِ fromِ the crowd byِ investing inِ a colorful coat, trousers, andِ even bright winter shoes.
You’ll love turning heads inِ your attention-grabbing ensemble.

6. Fur gilet

If you’re attending anِ upscale party, youِ mayِ feel annoyed atِ having toِ hide yourِ dress underِ a bulky parka.
Instead, swap yourِ burly coat forِ something moreِ slimming andِ flattering.
A fur gilet can notِ only complete yourِ look, butِ it’s alsoِ sure toِ keepِ you cozy asِ you taxi toِ any event.

7. Winter clutch

Clutch bags aren’t onlyِ great forِ beach vacations andِ spring lunch dates.
If youِ find oneِ inِ the rightِ color, they’re alsoِ perfect accessories forِ winter outfits.
Look forِ deep tones likeِ navy, burgundy, andِ moss green forِ the bestِ results.

8. Boots with socks

We don’t blame youِ forِ missing yourِ favorite heels duringِ the snowy months, butِ there areِ some clever ways toِ makeِ a pair ofِ boots lookِ justِ asِ stylish.
Pairing tall socks withِ leather riding boots, forِ instance, isِ a fantastic trick forِ turning a boring winter outfit intoِ something incredibly fashionable.

9. Bell sleeve dress

If you’re onِ the hunt forِ that perfect winter dress, makeِ sure toِ keepِ anِ eye outِ forِ one thatِ isn’t justِ warm, butِ alsoِ has bell sleeves.
This trendy detail isِ sure toِ turn heads andِ have everyoneِ askingِ you whereِ you foundِ it.
And don’t worry, theyِ don’t makeِ itِ more difficult toِ put onِ your coat.

1o. Winter sunglasses

It’s completely false toِ believeِ sunglasses areِ only appropriate inِ hot climates.
Anyone whoِ skis willِ tellِ you justِ howِ blinding heavy snow canِ be.
As such, fabulous sunglasses areِ actuallyِ a necessity duringِ winter, andِ totally worth splurging on.