10 Most Significant Advantages of Being Single


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10 Most Significant Advantages of Being Single

Though beingِ in a relationship canِ beِ great, thereِ areِ many times whenِ beingِ single beats beingِ in a relationship.
Relationships haveِ their downfalls, andِ even thoughِ couples areِ alwaysِ smiling, blissful, andِ happy onِ social media orِ inِ public, everyِ relationship hasِ its moreِ complicated dark side.
If you’re single, beِ glad youِ canِ reap theseِ benefits.

1. You don’t have to deal with drama

There isِ nothing worse thanِ the stress thatِ ensues inِ the wake of any sort ofِ life change.
Imagine havingِ to balance whatِ you wantِ with whatِ your partner wants.
Either bothِ of youِ compromise andِ no oneِ fully getsِ what theyِ want, orِ oneِ ofِ you wins.

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2. You won’t be unhappy

Many people stay inِ anِ unhappy relationship muchِ longer thanِ they shouldِ simply becauseِ they’re scared toِ beِ alone.
When youِ stay inِ a bad relationship, youِ areِ not onlyِ opening upِ yourself toِ theِ stress andِ guilt thatِ comesِ alongِ with staying withِ someoneِ who isn’t rightِ forِ you, butِ you’re missing outِ onِ other people whoِ couldِ make youِ happy.

3. You have time for yourself

Being single allows youِ toِ focus onِ yourself, withoutِ theِ distraction ofِ anotherِ person.
You canِ train forِ a marathon, takeِ up a newِ hobby, orِ focus onِ growing yourِ career.
Most importantly, youِ willِ haveِ time toِ getِ to knowِ yourself.

4. You can focus on your friendships

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How manyِ of yourِ attached friends stay inِ on a Friday night, skip outِ onِ a friend’s birthday, orِ blow offِ their pals for a date night.
When you’re inِ a relationship, yourِ world begins toِ revolve aroundِ your partner.
There simply isn’t theِ time toِ build andِ develop strong, stable friendships.

5. You have freedom

Single people canِ do whatِ theyِ want, whenِ theyِ want.
If youِ wantِ toِ spend theِ whole day mountain biking, noِ one willِ stop you.
Being inِ a relationship isِ allِ aboutِ compromise, butِ when you’re single noِ compromise isِ needed.

6. You can have a night with friends, minus the guilt

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Both women andِ men mayِ write offِ their partner’s night outِ with friends asِ a time toِ drink tooِ muchِ andِ get intoِ trouble, butِ these outings reallyِ doِ a person good.
Men’s Health highlights research that says friendship reduces physical ailments andِ increases contentment laterِ inِ life.
When you’re single, youِ canِ join inِ on theِ camaraderie withoutِ theِ guilt trip fromِ your significant other.

7. There’s no one to be jealous

Jealousy inِ some form orِ anotherِ alwaysِ pops upِ inِ relationships.
Whether youِ haveِ to deal withِ your partner’s jealousy orِ you’re theِ jealous one, itِ takes a lot ofِ energy toِ deal with.
When you’re single, though, youِ don’t haveِ to worry aboutِ who’s texting whoِ orِ why yourِ phone calls areِ going unanswered when yourِ partner is at happy hour withِ newِ co-workers.

8. You don’t have to force relationships with other people

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When you’re dating someone, youِ getِ involved inِ allِ sorts ofِ forced relationships.
You haveِ to spend time withِ theirِ friends (who youِ mayِ or mayِ not like), youِ haveِ to deal withِ theirِ family, andِ you mayِ evenِ beِ expected toِ build relationships withِ theirِ pets, co-workers, andِ exes.
Not onlyِ doesِ beingِ in a relationship withِ someoneِ you love takeِ time andِ energy, butِ the amount ofِ your life thatِ you haveِ to give toِ people whoِ you mayِ not evenِ like canِ beِ overwhelming.

9. You can travel on a whim

If youِ getِ invited toِ goِ on a cruise onِ a whim orِ decide youِ wantِ toِ backpack throughِ Europe, you’ll haveِ a lot easier ofِ a time doingِ it ifِ you’re single.
A significant otherِ mayِ not beِ able toِ getِ the time offِ work, mayِ not wantِ toِ travel, orِ mayِ simply begrudge youِ going.
If you’re a jet-setter atِ heart, youِ mayِ want toِ stay single.

10. You’ll become more self-reliant

No matter howِ much weِ tryِ toِ remain independent, it’s natural toِ lean onِ someone (emotionally andِ otherwise) whenِ you’re inِ a seriousِ relationship.
Staying single means you’ll learn howِ to getِ things doneِ yourself — andِ you won’t haveِ to deal withِ crippling breakups thatِ leave youِ unable toِ function forِ weeks.