10 Fashion Lessons You Probably Learned From Your Parents


Your dad’s suits have sartorial merit. | iStock.com/IPGGutenbergUKLtd

10 Fashion Lessons You Probably Learned From Your Parents

From bottle duty, toِ helping youِ withِ your math homework, toِ chipping inِ forِ your college tuition, Dad hasِ doneِ a lot forِ you.
Don’t letِ hisِ sweater vests, light-wash jeans, andِ sneakers fool you: He’s a pretty stylish guy.
Father’s Day isِ right aroundِ the corner andِ in honor ofِ hisِ big day, we’re listing 10 sartorial lessons youِ canِ learn fromِ your oldِ man.

1. Never underestimate the power of a good suit

A suit isn’t just another article ofِ clothing hanging inِ hisِ closet.
But veryِ fewِ things lookِ worse thanِ anِ unfitted ensemble.
When tailored correctly, a fitted suit shows onlookers thatِ you’re confident andِ in charge ofِ your ownِ life — andِ anything lessِ than a perfect, glove-like fit isِ the exact opposite.

The iron is your friend. | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

2. Always iron your shirt

Like a perfectly tailored suit, a crisp, wrinkle-free shirt shows everyoneِ that you’re mature, responsible, andِ have yourِ life together.
When youِ thinkِ aboutِ it, haveِ you ever seenِ Dad inِ a wrinkled button-down.
If you’re really pressed forِ time, tryِ hanging yourِ shirt inِ the bathroom asِ you takeِ a hot, steamy shower.

3. Vintage is actually cool

Sure, youِ mightِ haveِ shuddered atِ the sight ofِ your dad wearing theِ sameِ leather jacket heِ hadِ when heِ was 25 years old, butِ he’s gotِ a point: Vintage isِ cool.
In anِ era whenِ almost everyِ fast fashion retailer churns outِ the sameِ products season afterِ season, finding anِ article ofِ clothing orِ a cool accessory thatِ actuallyِ resonates withِ you isِ easier saidِ than done.
Vintage shopping forِ the firstِ time.

4. Wear a belt

Your dad puts the “in” in “vintage.” | iStock.com/ArminStautBerlin

Above all, strapping onِ a belt isِ functional; however, weِ haveِ to admit thatِ Dad’s chronic belt-wearing convinced usِ theyِ areِ stylish, too.
Even whenِ everyoneِ thought pulling yourِ jeans downِ low enoughِ to expose yourِ boxers wasِ cool, Dad wasِ alwaysِ buttoned- andِ belted-up.
This lookِ might’ve seemedِ square backِ in 2001, butِ now weِ finally getِ it.

5. Comfort is key

Have youِ everِ seen yourِ dad wearing a skin-tight, uncomfortable pair ofِ jeans.
No, becauseِ he knowsِ it’s betterِ to stay loose andِ cozy.
Dad mightِ beِ dressed toِ theِ nines forِ the office orِ special occasions, butِ when itِ comesِ to Sunday night football, he’s allِ aboutِ those plush, fleece-lined sweatpants.

6. Layer up

Give belts a chance. | iStock.com/Kostyazar

Once theِ mercury drops, it’s almost necessaryِ to throw onِ several layers before you even think about stepping outside.
But Dad’s string of patriarchal-friendly looksِ make a case forِ layering upِ allِ year round.
His button-downs tucked underneathِ a crewneck sweater isِ a viable option forِ the fall, butِ even whenِ itِ getsِ warmer, heِ alwaysِ makes a T-shirt andِ windbreaker lookِ cool.

7. Experiment with your grooming

Wow, Dad hasِ really goneِ through a lot ofِ differentِ grooming looks.
There wasِ theِ retro mustache heِ sported whenِ you wereِ born, a classic clean-shave forِ the office, andِ a rampant beard duringِ those long summer vacations.
In 2017, it’s becomingِ increasingly appropriate toِ sport a beard orِ mustache toِ your C-suite job, andِ perhaps nobodyِ taught youِ howِ much fun experimenting andِ caring aboutِ your facial hair canِ beِ quite likeِ your oldِ man.

8. Shine your shoes

Comfort is the ultimate goal — just ask your dad. | iStock.com/AnaBGD

A guy couldِ beِ dressed inِ the finest, perfectly tailored suit, butِ a pair ofِ scuffed upِ shoes willِ definitelyِ cheapen theِ look.
When youِ wereِ a kid, youِ probablyِ thought theِ idea ofِ Dad gettingِ his shoes professionally shined seemedِ silly.
Why waste allِ that time andِ money whenِ you’re justِ goingِ to step inِ some dirt.

9. Only wear the things you love

Frivolous isِ probably theِ lastِ thing we’d call ourِ dads.
He likes toِ keepِ itِ simple andِ sartorially speaking, thatِ means wearing the same T-shirt, jeans, andِ hoodies untilِ they’re literally falling apart.
A mere hole orِ ketchup stain doesn’t deter himِ — heِ knows whatِ heِ likes andِ sticks withِ it.

10. Don’t take fashion so seriously

They crack theirِ silly dad jokes onِ the regular, post severalِ cringeworthy Facebook statuses, andِ wear someِ reallyِ cheesy clothes.
Or whatِ aboutِ that “Kiss theِ Cook” apron heِ wears duringِ your family barbecue.
Don’t evenِ get usِ started aboutِ his Christmas sweater.