10 Expensive Items Every Girl Deserves to Own


A classic wristwatch is a staple that can be passed down for generations. | iStock.com/iprogressman

10 Expensive Items Every Girl Deserves to Own

When itِ comesِ to shopping, someِ items simply don’t deserve toِ stretch yourِ budget.
Flip-flops, T-shirts, andِ shorts areِ never goingِ to warrant spending beyondِ your usual limits.
These items goِ beyondِ serving theirِ functional purposes; they’ll lastِ you a lifetime andِ make youِ feel priceless (even though they mostِ certainlyِ are not).

1. Watch

At someِ point inِ herِ lifetime, everyِ woman deserves toِ celebrate herِ career andِ personal achievements, andِ the bestِ way toِ doِ so isِ byِ investing inِ a quality watch.
This item isِ worth spending a bit moreِ on becauseِ you need it toِ lastِ a lifetime andِ endure daily wear withoutِ tarnishing.
The bestِ part is, a high-quality watch canِ even outlast you, serving as something toِ pass onِ asِ anِ heirloom.

A matching necklace and earring set is a must. | iStock.com/sommaiphoto

2. Necklace and earring set

When itِ comesِ to buying jewelry, quality isِ more important thanِ quantity.
It’s muchِ betterِ to haveِ one orِ two pieces ofِ incredible jewelry ratherِ than a huge collection ofِ plastic, colorful costume jewelry.
But women don’t justِ deserve oneِ piece — they’re worth a full set.

3. Luxury handbag

OK, we’ll admit sometimesِ it’s tough toِ validate buying a ridiculously expensive handbag, butِ these threeِ magical words areِ allِ the justification youِ need: price perِ wear.
High-quality leather andِ suede canِ last youِ years (if notِ decades) withِ theِ rightِ upkeep.
Considering theِ fact a staple purse isِ something you’ll useِ onِ a daily basis, yourِ price perِ wear isِ reasonably low.

4. Wool coat

Who doesn’t love a great luxury handbag? | iStock.com/Voyagerix

A cheap, wool-blend coat isِ prone toِ pilling, tearing, andِ wrinkling.
A luxury wool coat, onِ the otherِ hand, isِ the perfect wayِ toِ add elegance toِ anِ otherwise bulky ensemble.
Grey, black, andِ camel wool coats willِ match wellِ with everythingِ you wantِ toِ wear duringِ fall andِ winter, andِ they’ll beِ a chic, lasting addition toِ your wardrobe.

5. Formal gown

Most people onlyِ get the chance to wear a formal dress a handful ofِ times inِ their life.
However, there’s somethingِ aboutِ having a floor-length gown hanging inِ your closet thatِ holds soِ muchِ exciting potential.
Even ifِ the onlyِ formal gown youِ everِ own isِ your wedding dress, beingِ able toِ lookِ backِ on anِ event inِ your life thatِ required a fancy gown isِ worth a major splurge.

6. High heels

An expensive wool coat will last for many seasons. | iStock.com/Rohappy

For someِ women, collecting expensive heels isِ a lifelong calling andِ passion.
In reality, youِ reallyِ onlyِ needِ to splurge onِ one orِ two pairs.
Whether yourِ style draws youِ towardِ classic Manolo Blahniks, a pair ofِ red-soled Louboutins, orِ chunky Gucci platforms, everyِ woman deserves atِ least oneِ pair ofِ enviable heels.

7. Sunglasses

If eyes areِ the window toِ theِ soul, sunglasses mustِ beِ too, right.
OK, maybeِ not.
But they’re stillِ very important, asِ they’re oneِ ofِ the firstِ things people willِ seeِ onِ your face.

8. Trench coat

An expensive pair of black heels will never go out of style. | iStock.com/javi_indy

No woman deserves toِ face theِ rain inِ a plastic poncho.
Instead, youِ needِ to haveِ a beautiful trench coat atِ your disposal.
Not allِ coats needِ to beِ anِ iconic Burberry trench, butِ something alongِ those lines isِ preferred.

9. Wallet

There’s somethingِ aboutِ having a nice wallet thatِ canِ make youِ feel wealthier thanِ you are.
Even whenِ itsِ contents areِ nearly empty, it’s reassuring toِ knowِ atِ one time (and hopefullyِ againِ in theِ nearِ future) youِ couldِ afford toِ splurge onِ such a nice item.
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10. Skin care

Your skin shouldِ alwaysِ be yourِ bestِ asset.
Knowing this, it’s perfectly warranted toِ splurge onِ luxury skin-care items.
Unlike theِ rest ofِ your possessions, yourِ skin willِ definitelyِ be with youِ forِ life and, therefore, shouldِ beِ kept inِ mint condition.