10 Companies That Are in Constant Search for Qualified Employees


The tech giant is always looking for help. | jejim/iStock/Getty Images

10 Companies That Are in Constant Search for Qualified Employees

It’s theِ great paradox plaguing theِ American economy: There areِ a ton ofِ open jobs, butِ evidently notِ enoughِ qualified employees toِ fill them.
Either thatِ orِ a salary mismatch.
Either way, thereِ areِ companies outِ there — big companies withِ veryِ recognizable names — thatِ alwaysِ seem toِ beِ hiring.

The companies that are always hiring

A lot ofِ those companies areِ in growth industries, suchِ asِ the technology sector.
The jobs inِ these industries pay well, mostlyِ becauseِ the skills theyِ require areِ relatively scarce.
If moreِ people hadِ these skills, theِ supply wouldِ meet demand andِ salaries wouldِ goِ down.

You don’t only have to work customer service. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

10. Microsoft

We alreadyِ mentioned theِ tech sector, andِ Microsoft isِ — andِ has beenِ — a centerpiece ofِ the industry forِ decades now.
With newِ players onِ the block, theِ company isn’t attracting new, young talent likeِ itِ used to.
Take a lookِ atِ Microsoft’s career site, andِ you’ll seeِ hundreds, ifِ not thousands, ofِ open positions.

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9. Comcast

Comcast isِ one ofِ those companies youِ generally put upِ with — notِ one youِ plan onِ making a career with.
But it’s oneِ ofِ those large, national corporations thatِ haveِ many needs.
You canِ beِ anِ installer orِ engineer orِ evenِ get intoِ sales ifِ you wantِ toِ haveِ commission added intoِ the mix.

If you want to work for Facebook, you’ll have to be qualified. | Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

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8. Facebook

It’s notِ the firstِ tech company onِ our list, andِ it won’t beِ the lastِ either.
Facebook isِ the ultimate unicorn.
It’s a company thatِ started inِ a dorm room andِ now hasِ its tentacles allِ over theِ world.

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It’s always looking for skilled workers. | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

7. Philips

Philips isِ a tech company ofِ sorts, butِ it alsoِ produces physical products, unlikeِ Facebook, forِ example.
That means thereِ areِ more opportunities thereِ andِ a wider range ofِ potential matches forِ people withِ a variety ofِ skills.
You canِ peruse theِ company’s jobs site toِ seeِ whether thereِ areِ anyِ open jobs nearِ you thatِ would fit yourِ skills.

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6. American Income Life

Preparing for tax season is a big job. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Posted by American Income Life Insurance Company on Monday, August 28, 2017

Upload yourِ resume toِ a jobs site, andِ you’ll likelyِ encounter recruiters fromِ insurance companies likeِ American Income Life.
These companies typically wantِ you toِ goِ into sales positions, whichِ mostlyِ pay onِ commission.
So, yes, theseِ types ofِ companies areِ seemingly alwaysِ hiring, butِ they tend toِ burn throughِ employees ratherِ quickly.

5. Deloitte

You won’t haveِ anِ easy time gettingِ a job atِ a company likeِ Deloitte.
It’s a high-profile company inِ a complicated industry, andِ the skills needed toِ work thereِ aren’t inِ the average worker’s toolbox.
If so, itِ would likelyِ beِ a veryِ strong andِ lucrative career move.

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4. H&R Block

Although theِ hiring frenzy atِ H&R Block canِ beِ seasonal, theِ company isِ alwaysِ on theِ lookout forِ availableِ recruits. The company’s services include tax preparation andِ filing, andِ there’s a relativelyِ limited supply ofِ workers whoِ canِ do that. Even ifِ you’re lookingِ forِ something part time orِ seasonal, youِ mightِ beِ able toِ snag a gig here.

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3. Walmart

If youِ live anywhereِ near a Walmart, youِ knowِ it’s somethingِ ofِ a retail black hole. It’s a behemoth, andِ it takes a lot ofِ manpower toِ keepِ itِ running. The availableِ jobs run theِ gamut, ofِ course, butِ no matter whatِ Walmart neverِ seems toِ haveِ hired allِ of theِ people itِ needs.

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2. UPS

You mightِ not haveِ pictured yourselfِ asِ a professional courier, butِ that doesn’t meanِ you can’t earn a decent living doingِ it. Working forِ a company likeِ UPS mightِ beِ the ticket, too. The company isِ alwaysِ looking forِ drivers, handlers, andِ delivery people.

1. Amazon

Amazon isِ a monster, andِ it’s onlyِ growing moreِ monstrous withِ eachِ passing day. It’s rapidly expanding intoِ new territory, too, andِ experimenting withِ newِ business models, products, andِ services. In order toِ doِ so, itِ needs toِ hire people.