10 Clever Tricks That Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Shoes Last Longer

A shoe tree can really make your kicks last longer. | iStock.com/ KenTannenbaum

10 Clever Tricks That Make Your Shoes Last Longer

There areِ millions ofِ shoes outِ there varying inِ material, style, andِ heel height.
Like anyِ other article ofِ clothing orِ accessory, everythingِ has a lifespan; however, thereِ areِ some thingsِ you canِ do toِ extend theِ amount ofِ time youِ can wear yourِ favorite shoes.
Whether youِ prefer boots, heels, orِ flats, hereِ areِ 10 hacks forِ giving yourِ shoes a secondِ life.

1. Invest in a shoe tree

It’s onlyِ natural toِ toss yourِ shoes underneathِ your bed orِ haveِ them scattered aroundِ your apartment.
But stacking themِ onِ top ofِ eachِ other makesِ them lose theirِ shape.
In thatِ vein, itِ may beِ in yourِ bestِ interest toِ pick upِ a couple shoe trees.

Suede shoes need special attention. | iStock.com/kadirdemir

2. Coat your suede shoes in repellent

It doesn’t takeِ a fashion expert toِ knowِ that water andِ suede don’t mix.
Even theِ smallest raindrop orِ snowfall couldِ leave lasting marks onِ your suede shoes, whichِ will inevitably makeِ them unwearable.
Even ifِ you spray yourِ shoes withِ a moisture repellent, weِ strongly discourage youِ fromِ wearing suede kicks inِ inclement weather.

3. Use those cloth shoe bags

Those duster bags youِ find insideِ your shoe box may seem frivolous, butِ they actuallyِ serve a purpose.
Unless youِ haveِ endless space inِ your closet, youِ probablyِ discard yourِ shoe boxes asِ soon asِ you getِ home.
So insteadِ of letting themِ collect dust — and, evenِ worse, scuffs — asِ they sit inِ your closet, toss themِ inِ those duster bags.

4. Keep smelly shoes at bay

Using these bags will keep them looking fresh out of the box. | iStock.com/AlexLMX

It’s OK, we’re human.
According to Business Insider, Mini Moso Air Purifying Bags areِ packed withِ active charcoal thatِ will absorb moisture (read: sweat), odor, andِ unwanted bacteria.
Keep inِ mind thatِ while theseِ bags mayِ very wellِ beِ the miracle product you’ve beenِ searching for, weِ can’t promise they’ll cure anyِ stench.

5. Take preventive measures

When youِ find a pair ofِ shoes youِ love, weِ suggest youِ hold ontoِ them forِ asِ long asِ you can.
But ifِ you find yourselfِ head overِ heels (get it?) inِ love withِ a pair beforeِ they’re pastِ their prime, doِ yourself a favor andِ head toِ a cobbler, immediately.
If youِ askِ us, it’s a win-win investment.

6. Get heel caps …

Slippers tend to smell a little off since you wear them without socks, so take care of it! | iStock.com/eans

Finding a pair ofِ heels thatِ are actually comfortable isِ no easy feat.
So whenِ you find a pair youِ likeِ andِ can wear forِ several hours straight, they’ll quickly becomeِ a mainstay inِ your closet.
Once yourِ shoes goِ fromِ making a “click-clack” sound withِ eachِ step toِ a harsh thud, takeِ them toِ theِ cobbler toِ getِ a rubber cap attached toِ theِ heels.

7. … and toe taps

While you’re atِ it, askِ for someِ toe taps.
Anyone whoِ places moreِ emphasis onِ their toes withِ eachِ step willِ notice theِ area aroundِ the balls ofِ their feet willِ deplete overtime.
According toِ theِ Hanger Project, adding someِ toe taps toِ your shoes willِ squash anyِ current damage fromِ spreading andِ keep yourِ shoes intact forِ longer.

8. Create a shoe rotation

A cobbler can do quite a lot for your old shoes. | iStock.com/vtmila

Not toِ sound likeِ Captain Obvious, butِ wearing thoseِ sameِ black flats day afterِ day willِ wear themِ down.
It’s notِ necessarily brain science toِ alternate yourِ shoes eachِ day, butِ it’s hard toِ doِ — especiallyِ when youِ find a pair youِ reallyِ love.
But switching upِ your shoes willِ give themِ a longer life, andِ it’ll force youِ toِ getِ creative withِ your sartorial choices.

9. Stretch ’em out

Depending onِ howِ much walking youِ doِ — andِ the weather outsideِ — yourِ shoes willِ fit differently eachِ day.
But ifِ you notice yourِ kicks areِ consistently tooِ big orِ too small, youِ mightِ think it’s time toِ sell themِ atِ a second-hand store.
Each pair mightِ vary inِ flexibility — yourِ penny loafers, forِ example, willِ beِ easier toِ stretch thanِ calf-high boots — butِ it’s worth goingِ to a cobbler ifِ you reallyِ love yourِ shoes.

10. Condition your shoes

Leather isn’t someِ all-powerful fabric thatِ canِ withstand evenِ the mostِ wear andِ tear.
If youِ wantِ toِ extend theِ life ofِ your favorite leather shoes, youِ mightِ want toِ considerِ applying someِ leather conditioner onceِ a month.
Leather Honey’s conditioner hasِ nearly 4,000 exceptional reviews onِ Amazon asِ well asِ a 4.4/5 rating onِ the site.