If You have 1 of These Jobs You Will Be Unemployed in The Next Few Years


Certain jobs are going extinct. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If You have 1 of These Jobs You Will Be Unemployed in The Next Few Years

These areِ allِ jobs thatِ haveِ disappeared inِ recent times.
Things change — beِ it fromِ technology advancing, anِ influx ofِ cheap labor due toِ globalization orِ shifting immigration patterns, orِ evenِ just a change inِ consumer tastes.
Yet, despiteِ the fact thatِ manyِ industries andِ jobs seemedِ doomed toِ theِ dust bins ofِ history, manyِ Americans remain stuck inِ denial — evenِ when weِ shouldِ beِ looking forwardِ to automation andِ robots takingِ the reins fromِ humans.

1. Drivers

Lyft ride | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lyft

The world willِ alwaysِ have drivers ofِ some sort, andِ we’ll probablyِ still beِ driving inِ 10 years.
Self-driving cars areِ only a fewِ years away, andِ when theِ switch happens, it’s notِ justِ our personal vehicles thatِ will beِ autonomous.
It’s Uber vehicles, long-haul 18-wheelers, public buses — everything, really.

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2. Farmers

Not allِ farmers willِ disappear withinِ 10 years, butِ asِ we’ve seenِ overِ the pastِ couple ofِ generations, theirِ role willِ diminish.
Now, thereِ areِ only 2 million across theِ country.
Technology isِ making itِ easier forِ fewerِ people toِ produce moreِ yield, andِ it’s likelyِ that indoor farms andِ even lab-grown meats willِ start increasing inِ popularity.

3. Postal workers

Food at a farmers market | iStock.com

The number ofِ postal workers isِ dwindling, andِ there areِ numerous reasons forِ that.
Mail carriers can’t deliver anِ email forِ you, afterِ all, andِ as theِ mail system’s facilities becomeِ more automated andِ technologically capable, fewerِ people areِ going toِ beِ needed toِ run them.
Postal workers haveِ beenِ pegged asِ America’s fastest-disappearing job.

4. Broadcasters

In anِ age whenِ Edward R.
Murrow andِ Walter Cronkite haveِ beenِ replaced byِ Wolf Blitzer andِ Brian Williams, manyِ people haveِ alreadyِ labeled broadcast journalism asِ dead.
Of course, thisِ isِ anotherِ industry thatِ won’t disappear completely.

5. Jewelers

Netflix envelopes and other mail | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What canِ you blame forِ the shrinking ofِ the American jewelry industry.
There willِ alwaysِ be local jewelers, butِ most jewelry manufacturing hasِ moved overseas toِ containِ costs.
And thatِ number isِ set toِ drop byِ 11% byِ 2024.

6. Fishermen

Professional fishermen face threats toِ theirِ jobs onِ allِ fronts.
But imports ofِ seafood andِ farm-raised fish areِ becoming moreِ popular andِ cheaper.
There’s alsoِ the issue ofِ overfishing toِ takeِ intoِ consideration and theِ fact thatِ climate change isِ havingِ a big effect onِ marine life andِ stocks ofِ availableِ fish.

7. Printers and publishers

Broadcast microphones | Adam Berry/Getty Images

Publishing andِ printing, atِ least inِ the old-fashioned sense, isِ anِ endangered industry.
Technology hasِ brought itِ to theِ digital realm, andِ we’ve seenِ the aftermath inِ declining newspaper readership and theِ rise ofِ e-books.
We’ll alwaysِ publish books andِ periodicals, butِ the folks whoِ haveِ beenِ trained inِ the oldِ ways ofِ producing themِ areِ likely toِ find themselvesِ outِ ofِ a job inِ the nearِ future.

8. Cashiers

It’s clear toِ anyoneِ who hasِ beenِ in a grocery store orِ big box chain recentlyِ that theِ days ofِ the cashier areِ numbered.
Cashiers, likeِ many others, areِ slowly butِ surely beingِ replaced withِ self-checkout kiosks.
It mightِ take longer thanِ a decade forِ the majority ofِ cashiers toِ disappear, butِ they’re onِ the list.

9. Delivery

We’ve alreadyِ included jobs, suchِ asِ drivers andِ postal workers.
Both ofِ those jobs aim atِ one primary function: delivering things.
Millions ofِ people deliver thingsِ professionally — beِ it pizzas, newspapers, orِ evenِ people.

10. Travel agents

If you’re a fan ofِ sites, suchِ asِ Kayak, Priceline, orِ Hotwire, you’re slowly killing a long-established industry: travel agencies.
But atِ one time, theseِ people wereِ indispensable.
These days, youِ canِ easily find a flight, hotel, andِ car allِ from yourِ phone — whichِ isِ the main reason theseِ jobs areِ headed forِ extinction.

11. Dispatchers

We touched onِ drivers andِ delivery, butِ what aboutِ the people whoِ tellِ those people whereِ toِ go. We traditionally call theseِ people dispatchers, andِ their jobs areِ in seriousِ jeopardy. The main reason whyِ isِ due toِ automation likeِ many otherِ imperiled jobs.

12. Telemarketers

There wasِ a time whenِ you didn’t wantِ toِ answer yourِ phone becauseِ you thought itِ might beِ a telemarketer. They stillِ exist, butِ fewer ofِ them areِ actual flesh-and-blood humans. These days, theseِ robot callers areِ replacing telemarketers.

13. Social media professionals

Social media hasِ wormed itsِ way intoِ everyِ facet ofِ our lives. With theِ advent ofِ social media hasِ comeِ social media experts andِ managers. These jobs mightِ exist inِ the future inِ some form.

14. Manufacturing workers

We’re seeingِ manufacturing decline atِ a fast pace. It’s beenِ happening forِ a while, too. Factories haveِ beenِ automated, andِ many otherِ manufacturing jobs haveِ beenِ relocated toِ countries whereِ labor isِ cheaper.

15. Sports officials and referees

We previously wrote theِ job ofِ sports referee wouldِ beِ better suited forِ a robot orِ artificial intelligence. People makeِ mistakes, afterِ all, soِ why notِ put a robot inِ charge. Plus, whoِ areِ you goingِ to argue withِ whenِ you feel theِ robot hasِ made a bad call.